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Post by reaper syndrome on Fri May 22, 2015 2:24 am

Ok so there is a little bit of confusion as to what happens each round

Player 1 will call out pokemon: Send out Female Budew~

I yell a laugh of triumph toward my opponent. "This forest is my home. Good luck beating me here!" take a green tinted pokeball out of me bag and release me Budew, Kyu out into the field.

Player 2 will send out then call 3 commands: Storm looked out on the arena, this was her first battle, and excitement pumped through her veins. (Kodex) sent out a Budew, I gripped a pokeball from my waist, and I let out Yol, my Fletchling. Now the battle had really started.
"Use Sunny Day!" The forest gre bighter and hotter, the damp air warmed, Yol flapped her wings harder with excitement, "Now use Flame charge, then Tailwind!"
Note: after ever command set, you do a move summary: (Sunny Day~Flame charge~Tailwind)

Player 2 will then respond: "Go get 'em Kyu!" I yell out to my released Budew. "Kyu you can do it!" I say as wiping my brow from the fire move just used. "Kyu! Use Leafstorm! Then use Sludge Bomb!" I yell out to Kyu on the 'battlefield'. [Leafstorm~sludge bomb~chill]
In this case, the competitor used less than their 3 moves so we add a chill.

The ref will then do a round summary:
Yol the Fletchling cried out in excitement at the coming battle. As she flew up into the air, she internalized her heat, focusing it on her wings, making them glow a bright white. Yol let out another cry as she flapped her wings towards the sky, sending a beam of bright light towards the sun, who reacted by generating even more heat. Yol let the sun's rays sink into her body, heating her up as she readied her Flame Charge. As she got more and more pumped up, embers erupted from her plumage. Now coated in a fiery mantle, she made a dive for her opponent, crashing into the Budew at full speed, and sending the Plant Pokemon into the dirt.

Ready for another round, Yol flapped her wings towards her opponent, creating a gust of wind from behind her, readying her for a faster strike.

Kyu got up from the pile of dirt she was sent in and spat out some soil. She was angry. How dare that little pigeon tackle her. She would rue this day. Using the energy around her, Kyu whipped up a whirlwind of plants: Leaves, roots, twigs and even a berry. Kyu focused all her power into the attack, sending a whirlwind of natural destruction at the Fletchling. Yol tried to flap away some of the incoming plants, but although some of the projectiles missed the airborne Pokemon, the Fletchling was struck by many of them, cutting and bruising her in several areas. Kyu then focused on the toxins inside of her, transferring them from her poison points into her digestive tract to create a mass of poisonous liquid. Kyu spat out the Sludge Bomb straight into Yol, dousing the bird in noxious liquid.

Yol cried out in pain, yet stood her ground. Suddenly she struggled a little: the toxins had made their way into Yol's bloodsteam through her various cuts: she was Poisoned. Tired, Kyu absorbed energy from the surrounding plants, restoring her stamina a little.

And then an individual summary:
Yol the Fletchling (Female):
HP: 82%
Energy: 84%
Status: Poisoned
Modifiers: +1 Speed.
Chills left: 3

Kyu the Budew (Female):
HP: 91%
Energy: 90%
Status: None
Modifiers: -2 Sp.Atk
Chills left: 2

Arena Effects:
Sunny Day (5 rounds left)
Tailwind → flamingwing12 (3 rounds left)
Forest Boon: Grass attacks do 10% more damage

Then repeat.

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