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Attraction – The same way it does in-game, mostly. However, the Pokémon’s attraction to the opponent will decrease each time they are hit by them. There is a 50% chance of not hitting due to infatuation to start with, this chance decreases by 10 each time the affected Pokémon is hit by the Pokémon it’s attracted to.

Burn – Physical attacks do 3% less damage (allowing 0% damage to be done but no less). They also cause a throbbing pain in the affected area for 1% damage per action and an additional 1% at the end of the round. A severe burn will rend the affected arena almost useless and a physical hit on a burned area will do extra damage based on ref discretion. Some water and ice moves will soothe a burn temporarily and stop the damage for that action.

Confusion – The Pokémon has a 50% chance of not obeying its trainer and hitting itself. Depending on the referee, this could be like the games with a base typeless physical attack, or it could be the user hitting themselves with their own moves. The severity of confusion decreases every three actions, this means the chance of the user hitting themselves is decreased by 25.

Severe Confusion – A rare occurrence that can’t be explicitly inflicted. The Pokémon’s cognitive abilities are decreased and means their Special Attack is decreased to a minimum. The affected Pokémon has a 60% chance of hitting themselves with a typeless attack. This will decrease every two actions by 10 and the Special Attack will return to normal after two rounds.

Curse – Very similar to the games. The user sacrifices a portion of its health to inflict half of that as damage to the opposing Pokémon at the end of each round. The damage the user does to itself via Curse is not affected by the damage cap.

Freeze – Depending on the severity of the freezing, a Pokémon can have a limb, a portion or the whole of its body frozen in ice. What happens here is totally up to the ref and can vary heavily.

Leech Seed – Like the games.

Nightmare – This move requires upkeep. Inflicting a Nightmare on a Pokémon requires them be asleep. As they sleep, the Nightmare will inflict 10% damage at the end of each action. However, the one causing the Nightmare will pay 5% energy to keep this up.

Paralysis – The nerve-damaging, paralysing shocks run through the Pokémon’s body, causing them to occasionally spasm. The Pokémon’s speed is reduced to ¼ of its current value and 40% of the time the Pokémon cannot attack. The severity of the status decreases every two actions by 10.

Poisoning – The toxic chemicals seep into the opponent’s body and slowly burn away at them. A poisoned Pokémon loses 1% health at the end of each action and a further 1% at the end of the round. Poisoning does not fade.

Toxic Poisoning – Very similar to Poisoning. However, the damage per action does not exist. Instead, the damage starts off as 1% at the end of the initial round and then increases by 1 every round until it maxes out at 25% at the end of each round (although the chance of a Pokémon surviving this long is very low).

Sleep – In sleep, the referee rolls a number between 3 and 7. The bigger the number, the deeper the sleep and the more actions that the sleep lasts. Loud noises can wake up the sleeping Pokémon, as well as cold water and vigorous attacks. A sleeping Pokémon will recover 2 energy per action they are asleep as long as they don’t try to do anything else.

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