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Post by reaper syndrome on Mon May 11, 2015 2:37 pm

Name: Gale Halfsprit
Species: Wind spirit
Gender:~less in spirit form, female in human form.
Notable abilities: Able to control wind
Features: Made from mist in spirit form, always wears white clothing in human form.
Backstory: Gale was once a human who campaigned for the protection of wild environments and the promotion of nature reserves. When she was ignored, she campaigned harder until she was seen as a nuisance to society and was shot. However, in her dying moments, she had touched the thoughts of mother earth. She was turned into a wind spirit and was given control of winds. She sends hurricanes and storms at those who harm the environment.

Personality traits: Will not tolerate the harming of the environment

Other: was originally killed by blade stakeblood

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